This is… at least part of why you’re here, right? I mean… Here’s that info, boss.

I currently am active on two sites: and MyFreeCams

Vanessa_Jade @

Some of you may remember me from my days on Camz (with a Z), this is the continuation of that site and is far more geared towards my style – i like it when people know what they want and not a lot of bullshit and game-playing. Private shows, of course, are my favorite, but there are other options as well!

VanessaJadeX @ MyFreeCams

I will admit that I do enjoy the casual chit-chat of MFC and even though I feel I’ve been wildly unsuccessful there I always go back to try again and hang out and see if people are into it. I feel like the fact that my gif is broken is really appropriate, lol.

What My Shows are Like

…like this, sometimes. A lot of times. What the… why am I like that?! I’m a dildo wizard.

Yeah, sometimes – a lot of times – I’m a total goofball and I get riled up or impatient and screw around because I like to have fun. Who doesn’rt like to have fun? Life isn’t about NOT having fun. Whatever goes on, it’s 100% real — I don’t do things I’m not into.

I have an extensive collection of toys, lingerie and other things — and it’s all stuff I wear and use for real, not just for show.  I’ve always prided myself on having a “stage presence” that’s quite like my “real presence,” if that makes much sense.

My specialties involve BDSM;  I’m in the scene IRL knowledge to give you a great experience. Collars, floggers, whips, chains, cuffs and leashes; Corsets and high heels; Dominance and submission. Let’s explore together, shall we? I lost the toys in the “divorce” so to speak, but I’m sure we can make it happen.

I’m super, super into toys, and have several, including a few you can control remotely. I am always looking to collect more and if you have a special request I am sure we can work that out via my wishlist.

I love dressing up, shoes, costumes, makeup, roleplaying, and all that good stuff, so come at me with those special requests.


I am a one-woman production here so you have to keep in mind that this is all within reason. I

unfortunately do not have a staff of hot, horny lesbians waiting to sex me up (sigh) so if your one dream in life is to see me get down with another chick… get in line, I was here first waiting for Ms Right to come along and sex me up. That said, I do get the V sometimes so if that happens and she’s into it, we’ll see 😉

I don’t meet people IRL. Sorry. I rarely go out and meet people I know IRL, IRL.

I really dislike food-related play, it grosses me out and I don’t do it. The closest I ever get is drinking coffee while I’m on cam.