We’re Live!

Hello, Internet Friends™.

A long time ago, I gave up doing web design. I hated it and it made me miserable, so even though I was pretty good at it I walked away. Yeah, I still hate it. I just spent all weekend getting all of this back up and running because… God, I don’t know. I’m a masochist, for one.

Anyway, welcome back to SomeCamgirl.com, the internet’s foremost location to find Vanessa Jade related content because it is literally my personal website. Welcome welcome.


Other Nonsense and Continued Updatey Goodness

I’m addicted to making gifs so here’s boobies.


Go check out my new blog, Ask a Camgirl! wherein I take questions from strangers…

…because that seems like a good idea.

Updates to content services and tweaks to the site coming soon.

I’m tired as fuck of staring at this website, though, and I’m going to do something else.

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